What are the main products you carry?

PETS GO2 started out producing our Expandable Pet Carrier in 2016.  We sold over 6000 units in 2017 and are on track for more than 8000 in 2018.  In 2018 we have also introduced a Pet Tote for shorter trips, added a new color to the Expandable Carrier, produced a Pet Travel Bag and even added Bolster Beds for pet crates.  Watch Amazon and this web site for news about when these new products will hit the market.

What are the dimensions of your expandable carrier ?

18 x 12 x 12 inches

What size is it when expanded?

The expanding sides extend 9 inches out and are 14 inches long (along the 18 inch long side). So, when fully extended the carrier goes from 12 inches wide to 30 inches wide. This increases the floor space by 111% and overall area by 65%. The big benefit though is the fact that the entire expanded area is mesh allowing for outstanding airflow and allowing your pet to see, hear and smell everything that is going on. Your pet will love it!

How much does this carrier weigh?

Approx 3lbs.